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Aug 27, 2017

We’re just a couple of road-weary travelers who left the Reel Comics Lair to meet some other podcasters this weekend. We attended 2017 Movies by Minutes: Chicago. As you may know, the Movies by Minutes format of podcasting was established by Pete the Retailer and Alex Robinson of Star Wars Minute. A following of likeminded podcasters grew quickly. Other shows adopted and adapted the MxM format and applied to other movie franchises such as Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, The Fifth Element and so many more.

We recorded this quick bonus episode from the car on the way back to Indianapolis (please forgive the road noise). We just wanted to get our thoughts recorded on our experience.

Thanks to all the wonderful folks we got to meet.

Check out to see the amazing list of podcasts. Your favorite movie is probably on the list.


Next time on Reel Comic Heroes - Ghostbusters


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