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Apr 26, 2017

This week on Reel Comic Villains we’re concluding the 2017 Arch Badness Villains Tournament and determining who is the Ultimate Badness! There were a few tough calls to make. Reach out and let us know if you agree with our decisions, or think we got it wrong. We’d love to share some feedback in an upcoming episode.

Apr 19, 2017

The Villains have taken over Reel Comic Heroes. Welcome to Arch Badness. This week on Reel Comic Villains we’re beginning our bracket-style ranking of the worst villains we’ve encountered so far in our 32+ movie reviews. Let us know what you think of the match-ups and outcomes.


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Apr 5, 2017

We’re closing out our journey across the stars of a galaxy far, far away with the last of the original trilogy: 1983s Return of the Jedi. We’re not finished with Star Wars, not yet anyway. We were joined by the amazingly funny, Queen of the Movies By Minute podcasts -  Crystal Beth.

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