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May 10, 2023

153 - Batman/Superman: World’s Finest

Pairing up Batman and Superman seems like such an obvious move given how fundamentally different these two heroes are. They both strive for justice, but both have different methods of achieving it. It took a long time for them to meet in the pages of DC comics, and even longer before they met on screen. The Batman/Superman Movie set in the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini animated universe was a momentous occasion for fans of their respective shows. Joining us to talk about heroic and villainous team-ups, exploding marbles and fights with robots is Megan Coleman from MASH Minute!

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Megan says, "Google or visit your local public library!"

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Music from "Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod ( - License: CC BY (

Music from "Deep Haze" by Kevin MacLeod ( - License: CC BY (

Intro/Outro by Matthew S Mendoza