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Jun 29, 2022

Reel Comic Heroes: 146 - The Lost World: Jurassic Park with Carys Lunn

A sequel to something as well-regarded as Jurassic Park is a monumental undertaking. Steven Spielberg takes us to a new island full of unrestrained dinosaurs and possibly more dangerous humans in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Joining us on this...

Jun 15, 2022

Episode 145 - Character Review - Hal Jordan, Jesse Custer, Black Lightning & She-Hulk

We’re using IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes list and choosing characters to talk about at random. This episode focuses on Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Jesse Custer (Preacher), Black Lightning & She-Hulk. Discuss the episode over at...

Jun 1, 2022

Reel Comic Heroes: 144 - The Fifth Element with Crystal Beth

Greetings, supreme beings. We’re transmitting to you from Fhloston Paradise to bring you the most supergreen episode you’ve ever heard. It’s time to go back to the future and discuss The Fifth Element. We’re joined by Crystal Beth, who has dedicated...