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Jun 9, 2021

121 - Richie Rich with Dave Pallas & Niall McGowan

This episode was supposed to be Ghost in the Shell until frequent interrupter, Dave Pallas hacked into the feed, and took over the show. He wouldn’t let us leave 1994 without discussing the family film, Richie Rich (based on the Harvey Comics character who finds the real treasure in life). Dave took over hosting duties of this episode and brought along another friend of the show, Niall McGowan to keep the show running smoothly. 


Dave Pallas

5 Minutes of Mystery


Niall McGowan



Our next movie review - Ghost in the Shell (for real this time)

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Music from

"Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod (

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Music from

"Deep Haze" by Kevin MacLeod (

Licence: CC BY (


Intro/Outro by Matthew S Mendoza